Update on new sticker pack/sticker packs update

I’m currently working on a new sticker pack “Marv The Monkey.” I’ve drawn all the stickers for the pack. Now it’s just the waiting game for the pack to compile on Xcode. Once that is done I have to create the screen shots ect, then ill be ready to release and I’ll make a new post about that once it’s ready so stay tuned!

As for the other packs that I will be updating with 3 new stickers per each pack. “Dusty The Truck”, “Pepper The Penguin” and “Kai The Koala.” If you have purchased any of those packs I hope you enjoy your new stickers once I get them all ready! Keep checking back on new blog posts.

Just a side note I am on a pretty slow Macbook right now which is making the compile rate much slower then I’d like. I am getting a new mac mini soon so that will be something to look forward too! 🙂

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