Spring Forward IMessage Sticker Pack

Spring Forward iMessage Sticker Pack is available now on the iOS App Store! The pack includes 21 hand drawn/ animated stickers. If you are interested in the pack I will leave the link below. I am also giving away a few promo codes so you can get the pack for FREE! [ALL CODES HAVE BEEN USED] If you do take the code I would appreciate if you review me on the IOS App Store!

Hi everyone glad to see you! Spring Forward consists of 21 hand drawn stickers! The pack is fully animated! Have fun sending them out to family and friends!

How to use IMessage Stickers:
Click the App Store icon next to the message field in IMessage.
Scroll through the icons on the bottom to find “Spring Forward”.
Click on the “Spring Forward” icon.
Once you have done that, you are all set to add the stickers of your choosing into the empty IMessage messages. You can also add stickers to your already sent messages. To do this press and hold the sticker you’d like to use drag it to the message it will attach to your already existing message bubble. You can put several stickers on one message if you’d like.

As always if you are enjoying the pack please kindly leave a review on the App Store means a lot thanks!

Copyright © by whitedunegames. All rights reserved.

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