Kai The Koala Trending!

It sure has been awhile that one of my packs has made it to the top paid list. There is just so many top brands now, so when it does happy it makes you very proud. Anyways the other day Kai The Koala made it to number 9 spot. Today however I woke up and Kai made its to the number 1 spot! 😀 I had to screen shot it of course cause you sure don’t stay there long! I even beat Pusheen which is the best. 😉

I am also number 1 in the stickers category! Which is just so impressive considering how many packs that are actually on the app store. o.o

******Buy once yours FOREVER! No in app purchases, NO pop ups, NO subscription service!****

Kai The Koala consists of 15 hand drawn stickers created using an Ipad Pro and Adobe Draw! Have fun sending them out to family and friends!

Why not check out Kai and spice up your IMessages with these cute stickers?

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