My Games

Hey everyone! This is where i am going to post games that have been finished. I am working on learning how to program in Unity so all games as of right now will be made from following tutorials. Once i am more confident in my abilities i will be posting games that are entirely made by me. This is just kind of showcase of what i have completed which is still something to be proud of. When you click the “BUTTON’ it will take you to my profile on simmer which hosts webGL builds.

Galaxy Shooter game: was created using the ultimate guide to game development course on Udemy. All Assets and sounds that make up this game are not mine. I take no credit. I have codded the game though. Either way give it a try if it interests you.

How to play Galaxy Shooter

  • To start the game press the “Space” key.
  • To move the “Ship” use either the right or left arrow keys to go right or left. Or you can also use the “A” or “D” keys.
  • To shoot press the “Space” key or you can use the “left” mouse button.

Candy Catch game: was created using Udemy course. All assets that make up this game aren’t mine. Be sure to check out the game if it interests you!

How to play Candy Catch

  • To start the game press the “Play Button”
  • To move the character press the arrow keys on your keyboard

You can only play a WebGL build (which is what this is) in a browser on a computer you can not use mobile as it will not work.